Thursday, October 8, 2009

13 class Sound?

Well I was at our usual bi-weekly Tuesday Niters this week. Thanks for a great nite Craig, the layout is coming on really well. It's amazing how much a bit of scenic work can change the whole feeling of a layout.

As is usual during the course of the evening we have fairly wide ranging discussions regarding anything about our hobby. This week somehow we got onto the subject of sound decoders and the possibility of me installing one in the 13 class. What a great idea I thought, just for a moment, as the realisation struck me that I know nothing of what the requirements would be.

Austral, our local hobby store does order in pre-programmed decoders which would certainly make it easy for me. Then there's the decision of what brand decoder, and what speaker.

The idea of having the 13 ciculating around on the layout with a gentle steam chuff certainly does have me thinking that this really is the way to go. I did have a quick look on you-tube for any 13 class locos, but the closest was a NSWGR 10 class. Here's the link if you'd like to view it.

So when I'm actually off work at a time that would enable me to get to my local hobby store I suppose I'll just have to keep searching the web for possibilities,



  1. Could be possible Geoff. Speaker could go in the bunker or the cab roof. Micro Tsunami would be the way to go. Good luck, I'm looking forward to the posts already! (and with the garage mods to).
    BTW, that 10 Class in the clip is an SMR (South Maitland Railways, Hunter Valley NSW) 10 class, virtually a 50 class side tank, very different to the NSWGR 10 which was a 2-4-0 side tank. Cheers.

  2. Geoff,

    Glad you had a good time on Tuesday night. The layout is not running at the moment. There is a short which I cannot find - Bugger! I will track it down and fix it this Sunday, with only 5 weeks till Club Running day at the shed - need to tune up the track. Our conversations are certainly interesting. I certainly learnt from Mike and Darren about farms and the various paddocks.


  3. Ok, I really don't know what the hell my computer is doing, but this is the third time i've tried to post a comment to my own blog!!! With no success!!!
    So again I'll try. Gary, I've been looking at the tsunami, and will see Warren from GVM at the Ipswich show net weekend.
    Craig, as always a good time,
    wish me luck guys as I press ENTER!