Sunday, October 11, 2009

13 Class sound? Part 2

Well I've just had to come in due to a bit of rain beginning to fall outside. Damn shame really I was really enjoying the garden work. Oh well... maybe some modelling time now.
Just quickly I found a site that sells DCC sound decoders that has a heap of info regarding the tsunami decoders. The great part is that there is a link to the manufacturers site which has sound samples. Great stuff, and it really got my enthusiasm going for the 'possibility' of installing sound. I will use an Aussie shop to buy from, and just use the other sites for reference. I like being able to deal 'locally' if I can especially because I like to be able to easily contact the dealer if there are any problems, and because I already know them and vici versi. For those of you who may be interested here's the site
The one that I was looking at was the Tsunami light steam setup. This model would suit the wheel configuration of the '13' being a 4-4-2 arrangement.I still need to convert the measurements to metric so that I can understand a little more easily how it will all work in the space that I have. The decoder measures 1.0"lx.5"wx.22"h. A quick look at the loco body and I should be able to locate the decoder in the boiler. The speaker will probably be in the bunker as Gary suggested. The site actually suggested two ways to locate the speaker, either locating the speaker twards the rails or inverting it (drilling holes in the 'coal') and having the sound come up through the coal. Not sure about that yet. Oh yeah then there's the speaker itself, Whoa Baby! sooo many choices! I think I'll need some advice from the experts for that choice.
I'll be contacting Warren (GVM) tomorrow as he has the full range of the Tsunami decoders and probably the speakers as well. Not that I've made a decision yet, just making sure I have all the info, Geoff

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