Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Gentle Reminder

I think that every now and again we all experience a 'jolt' in our modelling. This post I suppose is one of frustration due to the atmospheric conditions this last week or so in Brisbane. The space I have to model in is in one corner of a double garage, except that the only solid wall is the one dividing the carport from the house.

The dust storms have forced me to really seriously look at the closing in of the garage. This idea is not a new one , for those who know me they'd realise the planning and pontificating that this sort of project presents for me. When I say me I really mean us as in myself and Helen.

The layer of dust is everywhere, to do the simplest thing requires a hell of a lot of work, something I am very definitely allergic to, dust that is!

So now the plan is to enclose and really finish off the area that I use for modelling in. I need to get the brick walls lined and the two outsides of the carport enclosed and lined instead of the open latticework that is currently there. There is an opening that I'll install a glass sliding door into so that there is some light and ventilation into the 'train room'. It will be interesting how long this actually takes, I hope it won't be too long of a distraction from actual modelling. I've known how I want to do it for a while, now it's crunch time as they say.

The BRC is still on the workbench, along with a couple of other projects. So the challenge is to maintain the workbench plan, and allow the 'jolt' to force me to make a concise and focused start on the job. Wish me luck!

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