Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tree modelling

The paste has dried, so on with the paint! I put on a light undercoat spray, then on with the tamiya and games workshop paint. Here they are listed in the order I painted them:

XF-22 rlm grey,           over the whole tree as a base, thin with a few drops of isocol
61-19 vermin brown    mix this,
61-81 graveyard earth  with this,  for an earthy tone for around the roots, and bark
XF-76 grey green         a lighter hand with this, bit of a dry brush to bring out the bark
61-54 skull white          just a light dry brush, highlights only though
61-75 black ink            let the rest cure overnight, just to highlight the deep, shadowed parts

(nb. as I've noted later, do the ink before the last white dry brush, confused?)

The paint I have has thickened a bit, so I do thin it to 'milky'. Something I didn't write in the last post. For a first go using the acrylic paste I'm pretty happy with  how it's come out, the paste can be worked a little as it dries so that you can add some texture if you like. The first coat of paste takes a bit of working to get it to stay where you want it. I found that if you put on a thin first coat, the second one will take a lot more on it to bulk it up.  

These photos show the trunk before I've added the foliage. I like the texture I was able to work into the bark. The paste makes it fairly simple to make it smooth also, it just depends on how much you brush it as it dries. I did add a little black ink, then I remembered from last time I used it, to make sure I did the white dry brush after the ink, not before...bugger!

Here it is with the foliage added.  It's pretty quick when you get to putting the 'leaves' on. Not too bad, just gotta get a spot on the layout to put it. That'll do for now,
Oorroo, Geoff.


  1. The tree looks really good Geoff! If you don't mind, what did you use for foliage?


    1. Linton, i use various ground foams, with grey/green on the underside, then various shades of green on the top. The 'branches' for want of a better word are a product I got from a company in the UK called Treemendus, and the product is called foliage. It is in fact artificial hair that you tease out and glue on.

  2. Hey Geoff,
    Very Nice. I will have a hundred thanks!


  3. Great looking tree Geoff,It's good to see modelling like this.Peter

  4. Geoff,
    Save postage to Ian, just drop a hundred over to my place next weekend! Don't worry if you can't find a spot to plant it on "Splitters" - I will find plenty of room. They look great.

  5. So good mate, I'd even accept it on an N scale layout!

  6. Well Guys, thanks I must be doing something right! Craig, Ian, only 100 you surprise me! For N scale PK it would need to be one of those US Redwoods don't you think?

  7. Geoff

    I was given a bag of black fibre a product of Micromark US to try, & am quite happy with it, as the more you work to expand it the finer it looks, works out at around $12.00 a bag.

    Bachmann make a similar product I obtained from MRRC at Blacktown for $6.00 a pack & while nowhere near as large in quantity as the Micromark produt, the sheet can be seperated into two seperate layers & again worked into a very fine fibre that readily clings to tree ends, & holds up well with ground foam.

    The more you can open the fibres the better & surprising how many trees you can cover, much cheaper & I think better than the Heki type products.

    Colin Hussey

    1. Thanks Colin, they sound like they'd work well. I've been using a product from the UK for foliage and adding the scatter afterwards. I think the key is to make it as open as possible, and to avoid the green fibres that you can get.

  8. Do you sell your work anywhere? if so, where?

    1. Hi Mark,
      I have sold a few things in the past. It's not something I do very often. The tree in these photos sold for about $100 on eBay. Not a price I set of course. I have sold a few things at buy and sells locally in Brisbane. There have been a few more posts recently on tree building, if you haven't read them already. There are some great books about as well, by Gordon Gravatt, would be my first choice, inspiring stuff. As always if there's anything more you'd like to know, just ask!
      Thanks for making your comments, it's been ages since I posted this one.

  9. Your trees look amazing. Are you still making them? Do you do other objects as well?