Thursday, June 16, 2016

Constructing a new scene on Splitters, part 3

Hi Everyone,
I know, I know, three posts in less than three days! Let's just say I've a little ground to catch up on. Facebook and the few modelling groups I'm involved with do make it a bit easier to post quickly, but mostly it is about seeing what others have been doing for inspiration. So now a refocus on Splitters is more than passed time to happen.
Here's a photo of progress on installing the corro' iron on the roof of the shed. I tried to make it look like it had been added onto at a later stage, by laying the sheets differently and with different weathering pattern. The Woodstock is all basswood, I love this stuff! It stains so well. I've found a light sand between coatings enables a different result. It certainly removes any fuzz. There is another benefit in a light sand that being a big reduction in the shine that can be left when the stain dries. I also do it between paint colours to show some variation in patterns on peeling paint.
A shot from the rear before the paint goes on. I've used 'simply glues' wood glue as it dries quickly, even holding the metal iron in place.
I've posted this photo before but I've just realised its the only one I have at this aspect. Hopefully you can see the effect I was trying to achieve with the different weathering of the roof sheets.
I still want to have another go at the level of rust, with a dry brush of the grey of the sheets across the top of the rust, as the least rusted sheets rust in the low parts first. Does that make sense? Ok that's it for this project for a bit. Time to share how the other items are coming along.
Have a great week,

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