Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Constructing a new scene for Splitters, part 2

Hello All,
Continuing on from my last post. The office building is a simple build, however as I'm always up for trying something new I had a go using some different weathering ideas on this one. I started with a basic off white colour then added some washes that I'd purchased along with a quick drying purple mask made by Humbrol, that I wanted to try.
Here you can see the end of the building that has had a layer of the humbrol applied over some base colours. The idea now being to apply some more paint over the top, to then peel off the purple mask to reveal some weathered 'wood' or peeling paint beneath.
The same building with the top layer of paint applied, ready to peel away the purple.
Now here it is with the extra coating. The best part is that the purple coat comes off easily and I'm 

sure will work well over timber which is how I plan to use it next. The roofing I've had a go at, but honestly I think the rusting of the roofing material has gone too far. So down the line it will be replaced. 
This next photo shows the office a little further on with a simple awning over the door and a storage rack on the back of the building also. The area this goes in will be clearer in the next photo, with a couple of other simple structures that go with the office.

If you're wondering about the plastic bag it's acting as a separator between wet sculptamould (the white you can see) and the track behind it. Because I've used a separate ply board to mount this all on I had to be able to work on the scenery behind the buildings. As when it is located there will be no way to reach in there.
This shot shows the progress of the other buildings, and the re roof of the office also. The ground has had its first coat of colour to begin that part of the scenery.

The taller of the three buildings is a mishmash of styles, due to it being added onto and altered over time. I'm using the humbrol mask on the wood as I was really happy with how it worked on the styrene.
Here is the first wall with the extra paint applied. I'm really happy with how it's come together. Now for the other sides.
A bit more progress on this building. The other walls are simple enough, and I'm also putting a loading dock on there as well. The simple shed beside will eventually house some storage for odds and ends and vehicle or two. That's probably enough for this photo update.
Have a great week!


  1. Hi Geoff.
    It's always good to see your work and the techniques you use. All the best Peter

    1. Thanks Peter. Keep those building updates coming!

  2. the eternal quest of making something new look old, well done
    PS I liked the purple color

    1. Thanks Geoff. The purple stands out quite well when you have to take it off. It is quite elastic too so it doesn't break apart when removing it

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