Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Constructing a new scene for Splitters, part 1

Hi Everyone,
I've been beavering away on this project for a while now. There is a corner of the layout that has just had basic scenery on it for far too long. My plan has always been to create a busy corner of the layout with a few opportunities for some buildings.

There will be some facilities for locomotives in the area, a loco shed and coal stage for starters. Along with  some non railway related structures for added interest. It is these structures I plan to construct first.

 This first photo shows the part of the layout that I plan to change. There isn't a lot of room to play with but it will be enough for my plan. The area closest to the front of the layout is where the coal stage and locomotive shed will be located. The area between the siding and where the line disappears into the backdrop will be for non NSWGR buildings, freelance style.
 The first structure is a small office styled building. It is styrene with a corrugated iron roof. A quick build after cutting up a kit of parts, as you can see here. I use the citrolene glue, as I prefer smelling of oranges than superglue, and a t gives a little more time with a similar result.
The main building took just an hour or so, so it works in well to a mid week hour session in the shed. I've had a few one hour sessions, and working with a plan in mind it is surprising just what you can get through. I always try and pre plan a little bit, for example if I'm going to build using wood I try to have a 'kit' of wood already stained up ready to go.

Since I'm loading this on an iPad, that's all I can load for now. Any more photos and I can't scroll down to look at them or add text.

So keep an eye out for part 2!
Have a great week!

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