Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mock up of Water Tank placement

Now that the ground work is nearly dry I placed the stand and its tank in place to see how they work. I've finished the cross bracing on the tank stand and added the bolt detail. Depending on how it settles into the ground area it might get a little more dirtying up, so we'll see how it goes once the 'snow' has been covered. 
The tank is one of the Casula ones, cut down and with some basic bracing put in place. The inside is still to be painted and 'water' added, and weathering/rusting of the exterior as well. The bracing does not go to the floor as it will be covered by the water.
 The next shot is just the ground without the stand to show you the finish up of the previous post showing the plastic removed.

Next it's out with the paint and dirt stuff, the fun part I think. There's also the piping and access ladder to put in place, but nearly there!


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