Sunday, August 14, 2011

Station building and some detail bits

Here's a couple of shots of Black Mountain Station to show you the verandah, and station light that I plan to model.

In this shot you can see the platform in place and the cutout plan of the station building showing how it will all fit in.

Another week has disappeared, where did all the modelling time go? I've only had limited time outside, but some progress has been made. The station building has had a spray of undercoat, and the decision about how to construct the awning has been resolved.

I had a look at some photos of timber station buildings that I had on hand, and one that stood out for me is the station building of Black Mountain. The awning has posts to support it, and more importantly not a curvy bit in sight! As this location is right where the branch stems from then it would be easy to imagine that similar building styles would be at both locations. In the photo there is a great light on the external of the building end, definitely have to put one in I'm just not sure where to get the shade from.

I bought some paint for the station, and it is a spray can of tamiya paint. I try not to use these only as I don't feel like I have enough control over just how the paint is delivered. The colour is just a little dark to follow in the stone colour that was commonly used in NSW. I will be weathering it so that should make a difference as well.

The stumps and the slope behind the station platform have been put in, as can be seen in the next couple of photos.
I've filled in behind the station building with scultamould and coloured it as well.
You can see the building in place, however not so obvious in this shot is the slope behind it. I wouldn't bother doing the detail behind and under the building, however because of the layout design you are able to see behind the station from the end of the layout. When it's all together I'll post another shot.

Oorroo! Geoff.

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