Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Station building progress.

The station at Evans Gap has been on the drawing board for a while now. The building is an A1 Station which is one of the most basic NSWGR designs. As the whole area is of the pioneer standard, and quite a minor line as branchlines go the A1 is perfect for the town ship of Evans Gap.

I cut out the walls whilst at the May show with Craig, but they've been put aside since then with scenic work holding most of my attention. It wasn't till one of the last Toosdy Niters when Brendan handed over some very small surface mount LED's and some just as small resisters that the idea of lighting the station became a real possibility. Then it became necessary to have a building to add the lighting to, hence the current building project.

I used clapboard siding for the interior at .060" spacing and 1mm thick. The inside because it is so visible required some lining also, so out with the novelty siding in the .060" spacing, but I installed it upside down so it would appear like the inside of the exterior boards.

The number of buildings I've constructed totals two, this one being the second. To that end if I'm stating the obvious, sorry, but its the beginner in me showing through yet again. I wanted to be able to easily paint and detail the interior so I built the building in three parts.

Here you can see the two parts of the Station, along with the LED and its magnet wire attached.

1. The first being the stumps mounted on the layout so that the ground could be formed around the stumps. I hear you, yep, how will it be seen? I just know Mr Mackie will look to see what I did underneath. What does that mean exactly? Well the goal in modelling is not trying to maximise realism but to decrease the amount of rubbishing you cop when they notice what you've missed doing something! ;-)

2. The second is the floor and two inside side walls, and what ever interior detail I want to add.

3. The third is the exterior four walls, and ceiling and roof and verandah. There is also the back wall that has the second layer of styrene attached for inside of the exterior cladding.
The pieces fit together, hiding the wiring against the inside of the wall, and still allowing me to paint and detail each part separately.
Now together with out power...
And with, of course the blinds are closed for this shot also. I don't mind the colour of the led, they are warm white ones.

I've taken a few photos of where I'm at and they tell the story fairly well. Next is the fitting of the verandah and brackets. I'm not sure just how to tackle those however as they were quite ornate, read that as curvy, as in NOT able to be cut with a straight edge.

So there you go,next it's paint then onto the layout!

Oorroo! Geoff.


  1. Another fine piece of work Geoff. I'm sure the residents of the Swamp will appreciate somewhere to get out of the weather. Look forward to seeing it with a coat or two of Dulux ;-)

  2. That looks good Geoff. Although I feel like you have laid out a challenge for me to put lighting into some of my models of now. :)

  3. Geoff, The building looks great! I have just baught a batch of the same warm white LED's for use in lower quadrant signals. There will be a post about all this signal work soon on my blog.

  4. Gary, the dulux colour samples are on the workbench as I type!

    Tess, challenge me? Listen with the size of your scale a 240v 100watt wouldn't be out of the question! ;-)

    Jason, I've toyed with the same idea, and have the whitemetal lamps ready to drill, just haven't gotten there yet, but I'd be keen to see how you do it though!

  5. Greast to see your handywork in the flesh, last night. Well done Geoff, building no.2 is work you should be very proud of. Darren

  6. Daz, ta, lots to go and only two weeks to do it in! No wonder H calls me a 'last minute man'!