Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Here!

All the best plans, the time consuming small jobs, the reworked efforts, have come down to today, the day before we head off to Toowoomba. The plan was to have some landscaping done, yep check. Then there was to have at least one of the yards laid, yep check. Also had to build a second set of legs, just a little bit more stable, and a touch lower, ( I kept getting a nosebleed!) Then the endless list of other stuff! Like weathering wagons, building other kits, buildings, tank stands, cars, point rodding, and on it goes. There is certainly plenty more to go.

The weekend should be a good one, it's the 20th show at Toowoomba, a great effort by the DDMRC club. Darren, Brendan and myself will be there, I even got myself organised and had some vests done, and I've got an order for an extra already! So to the two blokes that I'm sharing with this weekend, hope I'm not too frustrating, and that it all works ok, feel free to leave me to it if it goes pear shaped! As you can see I'm full of confidence, after all this is my first time!

Well I'll leave it there, Ooroo!


  1. Looks Awesome Geoff, Looking forward to seeing your guys again.

  2. That is a very fine piece of scenery Geoff! I can see and AMRM feature layout article in your future!

    James McInerney

  3. Tess, yep it will be good to catchup. See you there, we'll be the quiet unassuming blokes!

    James, not much to see yet, but thanks. Where did you get that crystal ball?? ;-)