Thursday, May 19, 2011

View over the creek

Here's a couple of photos to show what I've been up to. I tried not to get any background in the shots, but it does therefore make it a little close. Any way a step closer to what I wanted, trees to go, after T'ba for sure. Not long to go, just over two weeks, who says there's no stress in railway modelling? H has been great with extra time out in the train room. The guys came over on Tuesday, and they seemed to like the layout height, which I wanted their feedback on.

A couple of track issues to fix, and some more rail to go down.
That's about it gotta get back to it, Geoff.


  1. WEhat did you use for water.

  2. Paul, thanks, it's baby steps at this stage, but getting there!

    Anon, the stuff used is a floor varnish over an uneven base to (hopefully) look like moving water.


  3. Looking good geoff. Cant wait till AFTER Towoomba so we all can see the rest of the layout in the Blog!

  4. Ian, there's not much to see, really, one side will definitely be plywood plains, but at least you'll be able to see a work in progress!

  5. Geoff, Great work on the creek has that realistic look about it.