Thursday, July 4, 2013

NSW Convention 30

I had an opportunity to head to the convention this year as Z and I had some time away, just the two of us. Gary and Marcus were great in helping get things sorted. The day had me set up having a chat to people about landscape techniques I'd tried on Splitters.

The sheer number of attendees was huge, and the sessions available were many and varied. I attended two on the day, Sandy Hollow and modelling backyards. I thoroughly enjoyed both. The backyard scene is something I could really relate to as I firmly believe the scene sets the 'time' of the layout. I do have a few photos found on the net that will help when I get to that stage, and it was pleasing to find others wanting to set the scene in their layouts as well.

I met several modellers that I'd known by name only before through the blogs, great to finally catch up Gary and Linton. The level of involvement of modellers is great to see with many wanting to spend time with all of us set up for demos.

A great day, think I'll have to go next year,

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  1. I remember you from one of my sessions, glad you enjoyed it!
    Chris wangmann