Monday, November 12, 2012

Evans' Gap Station surrounds

Time for a little bit of detail stuff this week. I've been trying to finish a bit around the station masters residence before this weekend. It's along way from finished to the way I'd like it, but it is on site at least. The chimney was a challenge to finish, whether because of the finish of the casting, or the application of the 'right' paint colour. In the end it had a couple of coats till I got it to where it is now. The red colour is alot better than the previous creme colour that i'd done it in.
 A couple of shots show around the water column and the siting of the Station Masters residence, with associated clutter. I still want to add a bit of detail beside the line, so it will be a busy next few days.

Well a quick update, so there you go. Have a great week, might see you Friday!
Oorroo! Geoff.

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