Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Weekly my name Craig?

Sundays bring on relaxing hours with family, then late in the day an update from Craig! He's just been so consistent, regular and informative. I post about as regularly as the moon is full, well maybe I'm a werewolf and I just haven't realised it yet. It is great to have something to look forward to, so Craig my hat is off to you! Seriously! (H says my hair is off as well!)

So what is is this post about? I'm not sure really. I've had a fair bit of time outside today so I've finished the LED's on the layout. They've come up pretty well actually, and so much lighter to carry about when I'm moving the layout about.

In a couple of weeks we'll be off to the Armidale Convention, held by the New England Club. It is certainly looking like being a great event, with some great subjects and lectures to be involved in. The event has been run for a fair while now, this will be my third. I have enjoyed over that time meeting some just brilliant people, great modellers, and just fantastic blokes! 

My first one was at Ebor in NSW, I was a complete beginner, and was a walking sponge. There were several speakers that really had a great impact on me, the first was Ian Millard. Ian's approach to getting his modelling as close as possible to the real thing had a huge impact on what I was and am trying to achieve. It really is still today a great motivating force for me, so thank you Ian.

Then at Ebor was a session about electronics, and Marcus really had a captive audience. The ideas he planted are still providing me with ideas and reasons for doing more with my modelling.

The convention, no matter which one I've been to have been, informative, enjoyable, and worth the travel time to get there! I'm sure i'm not the only one wanting to find out how to paint my locos better, how to build a better bridge, or even how to get into On30, or what about modelling stockyards, I haven't begun mine as I'm waiting to see this first!

Now this next week is all about ensuring I've got the last minute jobs done, packed everything, and of course I'm looking forward to Craig's post next Sunday night!

Have a great week, and hope to catch up with you in Armidale!

Oorroo, Geoff.

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