Thursday, September 27, 2012

Station Masters Residence

Evans Gap with its limited passenger service, but extensive goods traffic, had a modest NSWGR residence for its Station Master. It was located near the station building itself, but due to the lack of a suitably sized building sites the building had no road access. The families that were housed there had to transport all their goods by hand or luggage trolley across the line from the goods shed.

The design is a standard NSWGR one, I just need to double check the stocks of clapboard to see that I have enough, of course the one I want I don't have any of. Damn it I'll just have to head to the Model shop...heh heh heh!

 Here are a few progress shots to let you know what I've done so far. You can see in these two photos the area out back of the building with the kitchen with the door partially opened and the open wash house. The first shot is without the roof, and the second with the roof on and the verandah detail on as well. These were a bit fiddly but I'm happy with how it works now it's together. The spot to the right of the doorway of the main house with the flat spot cut in is to locate the chimney against. I'll add that later once it's been painted.
 The tape holding the roof is to hold it in place while I glue the other detail bits to it. You can't see it but there is an internal wall that is attached to the roof that is located in the right spot by some channels I've glued to the inside of the walls. All that is is done so I can paint it separately then put it together easily afterwards. This side of the building is the main side that you will see once it's on the layout, so you'll see the wash house and kitchen areas easily.
 Here you can see the ridge cap the corro iron fits up to this once the house is painted. I paint the iron separately then weather it once it's in place.

To the left of the wash house there is the outhouse to go, I've built that one separately.
Anyway there you go, not far from painting now,


  1. That's impressive Geoff. Looking forward to seeing the final result.


  2. Geoff
    Agree with the comments so far, was wondering though what plans did you use & the availability of them

    1. Colin they are plans from Data Sheets. I normally get them from a local hobby shop or they can be purchased direct from Greg Edwards Data Sheets also. Thanks for your comments, Geoff.

    2. Thanks Geoff

      Looks like another item on the shopping list.


  3. Geoff,

    Very Nice indeed... Can't wait to see it painted.



  4. Rob, Bob and Rod, thank you for your comments, I can't wait for it to be painted either!