Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bit of a catch up!

Well it's been a while since the last post and the busy month of August is well behind me. I've had time for a little modelling, and fussing about with some LED's for layout lighting. Daz and I had two shows, Murwillumbah and RMCQ's as well. 

Phil and the rest of the crew at M'bah run a great show, but unfortunately this was Phil's last show. The show has a reputation of being worth a look at and a privilege to be invited to. I was lucky enough to be invited along with Splitters, and it really was a hoot! The show is contained in the main hall with a great variety of layouts to view, and this year was no exception. Everyone involved seemed to have a good time, and the general public circled throughout the weekend, many for several hours. 

The school P & C do a great job, and the ladies in the school canteen deserve special mention for feeding us so well over the weekend. There were many familiar faces, that I must admit I really do enjoy catching up with during a show. So many people in this hobby are there for a chat, or some advice, and it is well intentioned and honest. It would be great to be a part of another show, but things change, people move forward, and I do wish Phil all the best in the future, happy modelling!

 RMCQ had their show as well two weeks after M'bah. Daz and I had a modelling weekend for a change. I was really surprised at how much I managed to get through, even though I spent a fair bit of time having a chat. The RMCQ club run a well organised event, in a great venue. We stayed at their clubhouse as well, and that really saves on the travel time and expenses. Their clubhouse is a credit to them, well organised and HUGE! 

 At home now I've been messing about with LED's for the layout. I want to keep the modules light, and have an even light. I have purchased some LED's from E-bay at a reasonable price. I've put a couple of photos in to show what I purchased. I do need to thank Col Hussey and Darryl Dilger for taking the time to E-mail me with the lights that they use, and where to get them, they set me off on the right track that's for sure. The LED's are backed with 3M tape, and I've mounted them on corflute sheets. I've used a single row of each of the colours I have. I'm quite happy with how it looks. 
The modelling bench is unpacked now, with the goods shed and station masters house left out to finish off. The more I use styrene the more I like it. The station masters house is coming on pretty well. The speed you can work at because of the gluing time is surprising!

Well there you go, that will do for now. Next time I'll be a little more specific,

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