Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yep, still here, just busy

It's getting a bit late, but I must confess it's taken a while to read through all the blog updates that have come through today! I'm not complaining it really is great to have contact with such a great group of active modellers.

For me this week it has been bit all over the place. I spent some time fitting some fluorescent globes that I'd thought suitable for the lighting. The globes even at a 20watt power rating were really very poor at lighting the scene area. I will be able to use a couple of these globes to light up a couple of corners but the majority of the modules will need tube fluorescent lighting.

A trip to the local Bunnings had a couple of the short fittings in the car. A quick put up and wire up had me feeling a bit more confident with the lighting of the layout. The weight of the module is always on my mind, and keeping things simple has always been the idea.

This week the Boys are over for Tuesday Nighters, so some feedback on the lighting would be welcomed.

This Friday Daz and I are off to Murwillumbah for their Bi-Annual Show raising money for the schools P & C. The show is very well organised and the layouts are not the same each year keeping the show fresh and inspiring. The last time Darren and I were invited to present Darren's layout 'More' it was four years ago. This weekend will be the last time outing for 'More'. It really has been a hoot helping Darren present his layout.

So that's about it, busy, Birthday, Soccer, Gardening, Retaining wall construction, the list goes on. Anyway next weekend will be a break from the normal routine, but welcomed, Oorroo! Geoff.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the progress at Splitters on Tuesday. Darren