Wednesday, June 16, 2010

T'ba rollingstock

Today is Wednesday and Mr Last Minute is still at it. Only one more day of work before Darren and I head on up to the 'Big Shed'. As I've learnt nothing about planning and goalsetting I'm still working on the rollingstock for this weekend.

I had a little bit of time this weekend gone, out in the trainroom. Last week I dragged out the airbrush and had a go at painting without bristles. A couple of years ago I purchased one of the basic runway 13 airbrushes, it is internal mix dual action, and easy on the pocket. I did enjoy the experience, especially the ability to turn the paint on and off as you go.The plan this weekend was to weather up the rollingstock that I'd painted a darkish shade of grey earlier. I use for the most part acrylic paints that I dilute with isocol to aid in the reduction of paint I add with each application.

I should mention the rollingstock, it is fairly basic, for running around a show layout, not for winning any 'detail' awards. Working with this in mind there is an absence of detail on these wagons, especially the WSC four wheelers. The idea for me is to create the atmosphere at a show, make them look the part without too much to be broken. There is a BSV of the converted camco 4-wheel variety, you may have seen a photo of this before however it now sports a more realistic colour on the bars. Yep! the bogies are unpainted, a pair is drying outside as I write this. There are a couple of trainorama S wagons also, with a bit of extra paint on them also.

That will probably be it for this years show as far as rollingstock is concerned. This year is a big one for Daz as it's the tenth anniversary for the showing of his layout 'More'. The layout is NSW based with long gentle curves perfect for snaking a superfreighter through! A real credit to him, Darren is one of those quiet, humble modellers, he understates his abilities and freely gives of his experience to those who would gain from it. I look forward to another great weekend shared with a great mate,

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