Monday, February 22, 2010

OHH Bugger... Tomorrow's Tuesday!

Yep I really can't believe it myself, the guys will be over tomorrow night. They are always polite (except PK) but I'm sure they are looking for 'progress' when they arrive. I don't remember when the last time they were over, and I certainly don't have a clue where I was up to with the layout at that point. So will there be exclamation or encouraging words to do more? The basis for the group is to get over to each others homes and drink tea and coffee... no, no that's not completely right. We do, but we do alot of chatting about our progress and what we're stuck on.

So, tomorrow I'll take a photo of the bunch, and anything that I may have managed to do since their last collective visit. Then a decent post should occur.

One last parting point, I did find out that the New England club up in Armidale is planning a Modelling Convention in November, 6 & 7 I believe. This is great stuff, the last one I went to was a very informative, well organised, and well attended Convention. I'll let you know more as it comes up. This spot is really about 1/2 way to Sydney, it's about 5hours from here, so maybe some NSWelshman should think about a northerly trek later this year. If I was in Sydney I'd most certainly give it some thought, anyway that's about it for now
...Damn! Tomorrow is still Tuesday!


  1. We DEMAND progress! I WILL be bringing the camera over tomorrow night and I EXPECT some results!

  2. Geoff,

    Be afraid! be very very afraid. {Queue Evil Laughter}.