Friday, May 17, 2013

Post & wire fencing

At the Brisbane May Show this year I purchased some more of 'Modeller's Warehouse' Oingo boingo wire. It comes in a couple of different thicknesses and I thought ideal for a wire fence beside the station Masters home. 
I stained some timber, allowed it to dry then drilled some .4mm holes in it . To allow me to easily thread the 'wire' I drilled some holes in a piece of scrap timber to hold the fence posts in place while the fun part started. The needle I used was simply a piece of magnet wire that I folded back on itself to thread through the holes. Remember to attach the oingo boingo wire to the post so that you don't pull it completely through. Once it is all threaded up, then secure the other end.
Then plant your posts in some predrilled holes, beaut! Just gotta plant some grass around the post's then should be done.
Here's some photos, I like the look, really fine, and very elastic in case you catch the wire.
Have a good week, Oorroo!

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  1. Thanks for the tip Geoff just what I need for my Toronto Branch to keep those pesky cars off the yard.