Thursday, February 14, 2013

TMTEX 2013, Can you believe it?

Another year of modelling since the TMTEX 2012 has passed me by. The dates for Toowoomba this year are the 1st and 2nd of June. My modelling calendar begins and ends with Toowoomba. I set milestones, plans, joblists, deadlines, all by the coming of Toowoomba. I also state after each show, that I'll be better organised in ticking off those lists next year...well some things just ain't gonna happen! I am reminded that none of us are able to spend even half of the time we plan to on our hobby, yep H knows this fact well.

Each year before I head up the range, I try and encourage others to go as well. This is a weekend for the modellers as well as the general public. We showcase our hobby, and have some fun ourselves. It is enjoyable to catch up with others who are enjoying our hobby as much as us, and to show the public what we are trying to do.

I do wonder what people think as they view all the displays on show. Do they compare to their efforts? Are they inspired to have a go? Are they intimidated by what people have done? Do they learn something more than they knew before entering? What was their reason for attending in the first place?
Inquisitive fellow aren't I? Well I suppose without asking questions we don't learn more. I am aware of the fact that some people may never ask a single question whilst looking about the hall. The T'ba club always asks for us to be available for the public to speak with. We have a great time sitting out front, having a chat. There are some great stories/chats to be had each year, what will this year bring?

 Last year the weather was a little damp to say the least. Let's hope for a dryer weekend this year. The hall was pretty full of displays last year, let's hope for the same this year. We'll be there again with SSC,  and some comfy chairs to sit on out front. So definitely come and have a chat, stand about, wave your arms above your head, make a scene to be seen! Above all have a ball, and make some contacts, ask some questions. Looking forward to TMTEX 2013, see you there!
 PS. Some shots from last year, to remind me of what I've done (or not) since then.

Oorroo! Geoff.

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