Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GB1 Goods Shed pt2

I had a change of plan with the goods shed after the May show. I had decided to build the three visible sides of the shed as timber frames clad in corro, with the fourth side actually having a core of balsa and the cladding put on both sides of it. I thought that the forth side needed to be stronger to support the other three 'flimsy' ones.

At the May show I had 90% finished the dummy side...but, it really looked oversized and was creating its own set of issues as far as how best to mask that it was over a scale foot thick. So then it was cast aside and a new side constructed the same as the other three, much better. Once the corro is put on the framing the whole thing seems stronger, certainly able to support it's own weight.
 As is normal for me towards the end of a deadline there is a flurry of activity. That's probably a good thing otherwise I'm not sure I'd get much modelling done at all! So with the Murwillumbah Show coming up in just a few days there has been a last minute push to complete this project. As you can see in the photos the four walls are together. There are a few corners to tidy up with the cladding, then they're done. 
 The roof beams are next, then the roof cladding. Almost done!
I'm leaving a couple of sheets of corro off like the shed is having some maintanence done. I guess you'll have to come to the show to see if I managed to finish or not!

That's really it, see you on the weekend if you come to the show,


  1. Hi Geoff,
    you are pumping out some mighty fine work there. Are you sure your not a carpenter in real life?
    The correct code for the shed is a G1b not GB1.
    Greg Edwards Data sheets has plans for the other G2 and G3 sheds.

    1. Bob, absolutely no chance of a career in carpentry for me! It's a miracle my layout has held together for as long as it has! I work in retail, not a tool insight! Although there are some who would disagree with that last comment.

      Yep the code GB are my initials, for sure the brain has just gone to that, that is most familiar. Thanks for setting me straight, and thanks for your comments, Geoff.

    2. I'm sure you'd come across plenty of tools working in retail!


  2. Nice shed Geoff. I particularly like the colouring of the iron - nice under base coat. I think the timbers look just right also. A few cobwebs in the top rafters would finish it of, plus some pigeon poop. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks Pete, just where can you get scale pigeon poop these days?