Monday, October 3, 2011

Station gets electric

Following on from earlier todays post, I've hooked up some electricity to the station to see how it goes for brightness. This shot has the internal and external lights on, and don't the locals love it!
I was a little concerned that the LED was a little large for this application, however when it's on it seems ok. None of the layout lights are on, so I imagine that when they are, it will be less obvious.
The 9 volt battery is not to scale! Just getting in first with that one, anyway that'll do,


  1. Geoff,
    just brilliant, so I am LED to believe.
    Nice job on the rusty roof as well

  2. Great work Geoff, the top photo with the internal detail is well balanced and shows off your excellent work. Well worth it. Darren

  3. Wow. That light fitting is brilliant. The whole scene is fantastic.

  4. Looks great, Geoff.
    I was at Black Mountain last week and thought it would make a very compact and atmospheric model. I'm pleased to see you are making that a reality!

  5. Looking great Geoff!
    If you ever find the warm white LED's a bit bright you can sand them with wet and dry so the lens is no longer clear it becomes opaque. Once lit it does not change the colour output of the LED but it tones down the intensity of the LED.

  6. Hey guys, thanks for your comments. James, yep I'm with you, if Black mountain could be converted to a 'Branch line' location I think down the line it could end up on my home layout! Whenever that happens!