Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So, Where is Splitters Swamp Creek?

The last post had a rather strong message for me, 'no posting until there is something to photograph'. Yessirree it has been quite a while between drinks... Ah, photos I mean. I importantly have been keeping to this plan, for sure I've nearly given in and posted a bit to fill in a bit about what I've been doing. So here's to a milestone reached...clink! Clink! (toasting oneself)
What plan? I hear you say, well the one that had all the trackwork completed on SSC by the end of October. The time line I've been trying to keep to is this:
1. Complete the laying of trackwork by the end of October.
This milestone also includes all the associated wiring for the trackwork, the lighting system, and the power supply for the DCC system.
2. Complete the basic scenery work by December(ish).
3. Work on Locomotive and Wagon construction till the end of March, and also the beginning of building construction. I don't want to rush them, and those who know me would agree I'm definitely a slow modeller.
During this time also continue adding to the scenery, as I can guarantee I won't be happy with how it looks.
4. Weathering of layout and rollingstock, I really like things not to have that 'just polished' look about them. Complete by the end of April.
The idea is to have things done in plenty of time for a couple of shows that Darren and I might be heading off to in 2011.
So the above is the timeline for completion. Where am I at right now?
Miles behind truthfully, however I still think that if the scenery and trackwork is done by December then all should be OK.
The wiring had me thinking that I should make each module able to be supplied power on their own, so that scenery work could be finished in other places other than the garage. After all H has commented that the scenery part is her favourite, so I've read her comments as 'modelling the scenery in the loungeroom is OK with me', we'll see. So powering the module really only means turning the lights on, and for the two longer modules, also plugging in the NCE control unit. The power enters the non scenery module and it's then daisy-chained around the other modules. You can see the 'black' input socket , double point in the centre, and round socket for daisy-chaining between modules, in one of the photos.
A quick bit about the lighting for a sec. All the photos of the layout are with the lights on and no camera flash to give a better idea of how the brightness is. I mounted 2xtwo foot lights and one fluoro bulb in the end of the module Looks OK I think, seems to be plenty of lighting.
I popped down to Austral on Saturday morning and picked up one of the NCE plug in thingy's that I needed on the other long module. I had a great chat, and it did extend the visit time a bit, but isn't a bit of a chat half the reason we go to a hobby shop? It's mounted on the module now and the power is completed to all four modules. The lighting is well on the way to being completed. I should get it done by the weekend.
Tonight I had a bit of time out in the train room after getting home late from work. How does that work? I hear you say. Well Tuesday nights are 'Trainclub' nights, whether at the clubhouse or at a 'toosdy niters' home. So with a late finish it became easier to stay home and head outside for a bit. I'd mounted the workings for the wiring under the track board on the weekend and permanently mounted the board on the module, so no turning back now! Tonight I began fixing down the cork roadbase and working out the placement of the turnouts for laying. I am feeling a bit better about my deadline, but you know how life gets in the way of modelling, Oorroo!


  1. Geoff

    If the first picture shows the underside of the layout then don't drill down through the baseboard into the 240v.

    Or have I got it wrong?

    Ray P

  2. Yep that is the 240v, however that's the return module with no scenic work on it. I've placed similar points in areas that have scenic work only, and trackwork that has no points or signalling. I should be ok, and honestly i try to keep drilling and cutting to the start of the construction, as my woodworking skills are very below average, and if I was to combine it with modelling I'd probably end up with a hell of a mess, Geoff.