Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday Modellers' Guild

The title for this post seems a bit over the top I suppose, however sometimes I think you need to mark a great event with a great title. 'H' probably thinks it's me lost again with some sort of 'railway madness', she may be right. For me it could be the start of a great modelling tradition, one that surprises all of us in what may come from its humble beginnings.

What happened I hear you ask, well it was not much actually. I asked a couple of friends over for a modelling night, and a couple of drinks, and yeah that was it. I think the four of us would say that we had a great time, and actually got some modelling done. I'd just set up a table four chairs, lights, beers, and coffee. Everyone brought something simple to work on, as you don't want anything too complex when you may just end up socialising.

Darren had a uneek home signal, Craig and Peter were staining timber, and I was messing around with the BSV that's on the workbench. We were listening to the chatter on the suburban rail network on a scanner Darren brought along. That turned into a quite interesting part of the night with a power line down and very restricted rail service being the result, with the football crowd ready to make all QR staffs night a living hell, if in fact the Broncos had lost!

I always thought, and 'H' agrees, that when you get a few railway fans together that not much happens. This night was different, I got to see how the others worked on a project, their methods and techniques. I think if we were to continue this meeting on a fairly adhoc basis, that some regular progress could be the result, and the swapping of ideas would help all of us in our individual modelling projects. That was it for me really, learning more about our hobby, seeing how others attack a project, and of course having some social contact also. So to Peter, Craig, and Darren, thanks for a great night we will definitely have to do it again!

the 'Friday Modellers Guild' got a great ring to it, way over the top! But what else could you expect from someone who calls their blog 'Splitters Swamp Creek', Oorroo!

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