Friday, August 7, 2009

1895 BRC Wagon

On the workbench at the moment, apart from all the clutter, is the makings of a 1895 BRC wagon. I started this one the other day whilst waiting for a part to arrive for the Z13 I'm working on. So rather than wait patiently, or work on another previously started project, I began this new one.

The basis for this model is a very nice Greg Edwards drawing, just beaut! The bogies are Steam Era with rp25/88 wheelsets. I decided to go with styrene for this model because of the work involved with the underframe.

I built a basic jig for the underframe so that I could build more than one easily. The jig itself took longer to construct than did using it for the first underframe. The underframe does have timber queenposts and I've still got all the rodding and wire torson bars to add.

The sides of the wagon are planked, so off I went to find some scribbed siding close enough for the job. It's not far from being an exact match, and really I don't think many will check. So far it's been ok to construct, doors and roof to go, also the hatches as well.

Even though it's well from finished I thought it worth posting an update, any suggestions as always are welcomed!

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