Saturday, March 2, 2019

Layout Update

I've been working on a few projects of late. The first has been the addition of a white board to the workbench to write a few ideas down on. The intention being to keep me focussed on what is my current job to complete, and what comes next. Yes I know I used the dirty word, job, but it does serve it's purpose, that being to keep me on the right track, no pun intended!

There are a few jobs listed, many involve updating the layout as my modelling skills?/focus changes or improves. The signal for instance has been half built for so long now relegated to the bottom of the half built projects box. So it's been a little bit cleansing to add some real plans to my modelling moving forward. Then there's the plan for the next layout, Hoskins Hollow, and indeed, my home layout Eugowra. There's so much ahead I really need to keep moving things along.

Over time the layout has had a few issues with the track geometry, whether being poor design, or poor soldering skills. I'm ok with either, as I've said for ages, this is my first effort and it has had it's issues along the way. The first issue was the track gauge in some areas, being a little wide, or that the PC sleepers were a little wide apart to hold the track in gauge if a heavier locomotive was being run. There have been many extra PC sleepers added to the layout, and it has meant that next time I would lay a PC board sleeper at least every four, so that the track gauge is held in check.

The second obvious issue has as been a tight S curve of track on the siding leading into the Station. It has caused random derailments every now and then, often enough for me to consider other track options to fix the issue. All the points on the layout are number 6 LH or RH turnouts, and in this location a Y would remove the S curve and allow smoother running. This then is the current track project on the workbench, so I'll keep you posted on progress.

 Now to the rollingstock project. This one has been on again and off again for many years. Well after a few false starts I've managed to complete a few parts so that I'm encouraged to do some more. The BSV has been time consuming but worth it I think. It is an early days project that I hope to have completed by this years Early Days convention down in Sydney in July.

The job of installing 80 pieces of wire into each side along with 160 pieces of square styrene to hold them in place, has had me a little, well nuts I think. This is the first two sides of a total of six I need to construct for my use. The chassis of all are fairly straight forward and do need some detail added to complete. The middle deck is supported underneath, which is a bonus as it will add to the stiffness of what is a fairly flimsy construction. The order of construction will dictate when parts need to be painted as well, more to to in this space!

For now these two projects are all that I'm working on, hopefully to keep things moving along. There is more to the list of 'to do's' so here goes...
I look forward to a new addition to the Mechanical Branch models range, that being a smaller water tank and stand kit for at my Station building, more in keeping with the size of my layout.
 Then there is the completion of the signal in the yard, and some additional lighting for the layout, both inside the loco shed and on the station platform, gas lighting I'm hoping, more in keeping with the 'age' that I seem to be drifting back to.
Then theres the LHS of the white board, and that's a whole other story!

Enjoy your modelling, have a great week!

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